Benefits of Center Based ABA Therapy

Our ABA Therapy center in the heart of Beverly Hills is a haven for your child during his or her therapy sessions. Your child will be greeted by a welcome atmosphere, full of books, games and inviting play spaces. The center is thoughtfully designed and equipped to provide on-site support and supervision from our ABA Therapy professionals. Parents can have the peace of mind knowing that their child is in a safe, quality controlled environment, surrounded by knowledgeable and experienced staff, giving parents the option to drop off at our centrally located facility, or allow them to stay for the session if they so choose.

What Will the ABA Therapy Center Session Consist of?

While at our ABA Therapy Center, your child will be in the care and supervision of an experienced behavior interventionist who will help him or her learn new skills, including independent living and social skills. He or she will help regulate positive and negative behaviors in a way that is relevant to the individual child. The sessions are geared towards helping children adjust to daily schedules and hone independent living skills. Being at the center offers the potential for more social interactions and increased opportunities to be exposed to other kids, ultimately resulting in improved group and social skills. Kids at our center will engage in meaningful play with activities that enrich their social interactions with other children, their behavior interventionist and other adults.

We are proud to have an experienced and dedicated team of ABA professionals who are passionate about helping kids learn and grow. Our ABA Therapy professionals have over 20 years of experience in the field and are ready to help with your child’s education.

Creating Success Stories, One Client at a Time

Victory Care for Autism was founded with the goal of creating the most nurturing and supportive environment for our ASD clients, incorporating the tools and resources that support positive changes in the areas of behavior, social interaction, communication, and other life skills. To learn more about our treatment approach, visit our services page or contact us online or at (insert phone number)

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