What is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy is predicated on the knowledge that behavior is strongly affected by the world around us. Decades of research have uncovered the motivators that promote positive - and negative - changes in behaviors, a study called behavior analysis. In applied behavior analysis, the data gleaned from those studies is put into action to create meaningful, applicable solutions to problems encountered at school, at work, and in social and family settings. ABA uses objective measurements to guide therapy toward positive outcomes, teaching new skills and regulating positive and negative behaviors in ways that are relevant to each patient and his or her environment for ongoing, immediate feedback.

Creating Success Stories, One Client at a Time

Victory Care for Autism was founded with the goal of creating the most nurturing and supportive environment for our ASD clients, incorporating the tools and resources that support positive changes in the areas of behavior, social interaction, communication, and other life skills. To learn more about our treatment approach, visit our services page or contact us online or at (insert phone number)

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