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Supportive Care

Our therapy programs are intensive but not overwhelming, we seek to maximize engagement and success while minimizing frustration that can lead to feelings of failure and lowered self-esteem. Ongoing analyses during therapy ensure goals remain on target and relevant, even as the client’s own needs and behaviours change.

Therapy Programs

Following the assessment, our team will work with each client and their family members when appropriate to craft an evidence-based therapy program that address the client’s unique challenges while enabling them to reach their full potentia


Every treatment begins with an in-depth functional assessment to objectively identify and measure behavioral, social and communication issues that will serve as the foundational goal of the client’s custoized therapy program

Learning & Development

While home- and school-based programs have traditionally formed the cornerstones of autism therapy and treatment, at Victory care for Austim, we’ve created an environment that’s foucsed entirely on learining and development, eliminating the distraction that can interfere with learning and skill pratice so client remain focused, involved and engaged.

Skilled Therapists

Our therapists are board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA) and registered behavior technicians (RBT) with a deep commitment to our clients, dedicated to eliciting positive change that can truly transform lives and futures.

ABA Therapy

Victory Care for Autism offers on-site ABA therapy in a campus-like setting featuring the most advanced and innovative tools and resources to enable each client to receive care that truly customized for their needs.

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