At Victory Care for Autism, we believe in our clients- and we believe in success. We know the diagnosis of autism can be distressing, and the challenges children and adults face after diagnosis can sometimes seem insurmountable. But we want you to know there are solutions. And we can help adults and kids diagnosed device-width ASD find those solutions and apply them in ways that can enrich their lives and help them achieve, grow,and be happy.

At Victory Care, we don’t look for quick, “one-size-fits-all” answers aimed at helping ASD clients “fit in”; rather, we work with each client, identifying their strengths and building on them with applied behaviour analysis(ABA) therapy, helping clients celebrate and build on small, everyday successes so they can improve their self-esteem and self-confidence and achieve lifelong and rewarding improvements in their their behaviours and their interactions.

Our Mission

Victory Care for Autism aims to provide the highest level of care, treatment, and guidance for children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, bringing about meaningful change and supporting adults and children in meeting and overcoming everyday challenges while also serving as a rich resource for families and individuals affected by ASD.

Our Vision

By bringing together experts in the areas of ASD research and treatment, Victory Care for Autism is positioned to become the leading authority on ASD in the Beverly Hills and Southern California region, offering comprehensive, “real-world” solutions based on scientific data and medical and clinical research.

Through applied behaviour analysis(ABA), our team strives to provide innovative and agile solutions at our on-site campus, with every plan of care tailored to the unique needs of each patient, helping children and adults lead happier, more fulfilling lives at every stage of life.

Creating Success Stories, One Client at a Time

Victory Care for Autism was founded with the goal of creating the most nurturing and supportive environment for our ASD clients, incorporating the tools and resources that support positive changes in the areas of behaviour, social interaction, communication, and other life skills. To learn more about our treatment approach, visit our services page or contact us online or at (424) 260-1985

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